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Nov 14, 2012 5:00am EST
next year. as martha shade it would plungg the u-s 3conomy back into recession. we want an agreement. we want an agreement. repubbiians and democrats have 48 days to ccme up with that greement, and avoii having the nation goo over the so-caaled "fiscal cceeos o ggt their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders weet &ppo tte white house to discuss the tax increases and ssendinn cuts set to take effect in compromise.the president, like that rich people pay tteir fair share. hh's very, very committed to that.if things don't change, tax cuts will expiie for middle-income americans n january. the tax policy center estimatts the aveeage household aces a tax increase of 35--undred-dollars. thinking ttat mighh not be a nd possibility for people whh doo use that money at the end of the year forrbig expenses that would be tough."democrats want and to keep current taxes repuulicans want to cut ss. government spending. a ew poll shhws mann americans thinkklawmakers arr too far ppllsters they thinkkconnress - won't reach a deel. i'm marthaa shade reporting. witt congressional leaders mee fr
Nov 7, 2012 5:30pm EST
joins us with theeotential impact of that new jeff...many couules...and &pchurches....are now assessing...what thh new supporters...are calling it... a...hissoric viccorr. there a big victory party last downtoon baltimore. supporters...includdd mayor stephhnie awlings-blake...and law...will not force...any houseof wwrshii... to "perform"...same sex mmrriage... ceremonies...if... it's against...the belieffs.. embracing...the aw. - polson) "this ccurch has been couplee for decades. so there are many people who have ceremony insidd herr. i ous - suspect that the first &pweekends of january wil they caa come in and have a short ceeemony as far as the ssate - is concernee, and this church will be cclebrating with them." 3&the neww..same-see marriaae law...will not offfiially take effect...until januaay first.. john rydell, ox 45....ews at among the supporters of same celebrating toddy is ravens linebaaker rendon ayanbadejo. &phe worked the polls tuesday &pwith governoo o'malley ... makkng last minute appeals to voters.ayanbbdejo has long maintained that gay marrra
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2